Harbour Early Learning

Harbour Early Learning
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Harbour EL provides an exceptional level of early learning for children from birth to five years. Meaningful, inclusive curricula to enrich every child’s learning has been developed by highly qualified early childhood teachers, educators and advisors. Our inspiring indoor and outdoor spaces have been curated by Australia’s leading architectural, interior and play space designers.
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We believe that every child has the right to a high-quality education and access to knowledge, family and community, and therefore ensure that we provide:

  • a curriculum and enrichment curricula developed by our highly qualified early childhood teachers, educators and advisors

  • a dedicated outdoor early childhood teacher to facilitate complex and thoughtful experiences in our outdoor environments and community

  • learning spaces of the highest standard designed by Australia’s best architectural, interior and play space designers

  • our children with greater access to university degree qualified early childhood teachers well beyond what is typically provided in early learning centres

  • a higher early childhood teacher and educator to child ratio for each classroom – allowing for increased engagements, support and time for our teaching teams to create intentional, meaningful play and learning experiences for each child

  • thoughtfully considered resources and experiences, including our seasonally prepared menus curated by our nutritionist and cooked by our in-house chef, through to our sustainable and ethically sourced uniforms.

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(02) 8018 4881
65 Village High Road, Vaucluse NSW 2030
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