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Our classes help children to experiment with and learn about their bodies using a range
of dynamic and static activities.
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GymbaROO/KindyROO has been operating in Australia and around the world for over 35 years.

Our unique, research based programs unlock your child’s potential in their most formative years preparing them for life and learning!

Every song sung, every game played and every activity at GymbaROO is specifically designed to increase a child’s capability to learn.

GymbaROO has been providing quality neuro-developmental programs for babies and children from birth to five years and their parents for over thirty years. Now a Franchise operation, GymbaROO centres can be found throughout Australia and in an increasing number of countries overseas.

GymbaROO stands out as being the ONLY parent-child program in the world that specialises in research-based, neuro-developmental, fun learning environments for babies to school aged children and their parents. It is also the only program in the world that has integrated key developmental activities, essential for complete development in each age and stage of development, into a comprehensive and all-encompassing program.

GymbaROO’s ever growing developmental philosophy and rationale is today backed by the work of many experts who have determined the important role that milestone progression and early movement experiences play in development, as well as our own thirty-plus years of experience of working with babies and children

Everything we do at GymbaROO is about ensuring that each child has the opportunity to lay the crucial foundations for later learning and fostering the normal sequence of development appropriate to each child’s stage of development.

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