Broccoli: why it’s not all it’s cracked up to be

Kitty Blomfield challenges broccoli’s superfood status

Broccoli, with its deep green head of florets and reputation for being high in vitamins and minerals, has earned its way into every diet program in the world.

Kitty Blomfield, founder of one of Australia’s favourite nutrition and training programs, NuStrength, has never been a fan of broccoli.

“It’s overrated and not all it’s cracked up to be and I’ll tell you why exactly why I’d rather have ice cream and orange juice than broccoli in my fridge,” she challenged.

Kitty Blomfield is a highly respected health and wellness icon, the personality behind the highly successful Kitty’s 7 Day Challenge and the founder of the well-known wellbeing brand, NuStrength.

Going against ‘health advice’ is counter-intuitive 

“All our lives, we’ve been constantly conditioned into our current understanding of what a diet program should look like. You must drastically cut calories, you must exercise extensively every day, you must cut out every ‘naughty’ food like ice cream and chocolate. Sugar is your enemy. Carbs are forbidden. You shall exist on celery, water and air, you must exist in a perpetual state of hunger and that’s how you’ll know your diet is working. Being moody and irritable and not sleeping well are just the usual and expected side effects of any diet,” Blomfield said.

“Many vegetables like broccoli, kale and celery have all become staples of any diet program and it’s been drilled into our consciousness for so long that it’s become automatic information to us.

“Going against all this health advice is therefore counter-intuitive. It doesn’t seem to make any sense whatsoever to suddenly be told, nope you can ditch the brown rice, dry chicken breast and awful-smelling steamed broccoli and swap it for some steak, potatoes with butter and orange juice.

“What you need to do, in actual fact, is to stop overthinking and start listening to your body. If I asked you today, how does your body feel, can you honestly tell me that you’re feeling great? Most likely you’re not feeling as great as you want to, but you’ve just gotten used to existing the way you have been. Perhaps it’s time to reconsider what you’re doing and try a different way.”

Broccoli impacts gut health

“Did you know that green veggies and leafy greens are made of cellulose which comprises indigestible fibre?  We don’t actually make the enzyme cellulase to break down cellulose,” Bomfield said.

“This means they’re hard to digest, can irritate the intestinal wall and feed gut bacteria. All plants contain toxins to protect themselves from being eaten, some more than others.”

Impact on thyroid

“Cruciferous veggies contain goitrogens which can interfere with the thyroid’s ability to uptake iodine. This can have an anti-thyroid effect when eaten in large amounts, especially raw or undercooked,” Blomfield said.

Feeling bloated

“If you’ve been on the diet yo-yo train for years and you feel like you’re constantly bloated hammering a tonne of green vegetables and indigestible fibre that provides your body with very little energy will just leave you feeling even more bloated,” Blomfield said.

“Cooking them well and serving them with fat will make them easier to digest. I’m not saying don’t ever eat green vegetables but don’t only eat lean meats, green vegetables and salad and eat them by the bucket load.  Traditionally salads were served as a side dish, not the main meal.”

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