Stop missing out because you just never knew!

Looking for more space for a growing family? Or just after a tree change? You already know its stressful, emotional and time consuming! It takes the average Australian 9 months to find their next home. That’s 9 months of mobilising the kids to make open inspections without missing school sport, or 9 months of your child imagining life in their new bedroom. 

That’s why it’s important to be aware of all properties that are available for sale, not just the ones that have a sign-post out the front.

What is an ‘Off-Market’ Property Listing?

‘Off-Market’ or ‘discreet’ listings are properties available for sale, however there is often no marketing of these properties. To get access to them requires diligent work in curating relationships with real estate agents, ensuring you are on most agents mailing list and/or engaging a buyers agent. It sounds like a lot of work, but is it worth it?

Why are they important for your property search?

Between 30%-50% of properties available for sale are off-market at any given time. These might be super private and discreet opportunities, or just properties that are 2 to 3 weeks away from going on the market. Having access to these listings could help you find your dream house faster, or simply give you a leg-up once the property does go live.

Where Can I Find Them?

You won’t find these properties on Domain or However, a new and local platform has recently launched to provide buyers with free access to these listings. Profound, based in Bondi, provides free access to off-market opportunities in your area, and invites you to make contact with the agent to set up a private inspection. No more jostling with hundreds of people at open inspections while worrying about what the kids will knock over!

Richard Cohen, Profound’s co-founder said “off-market properties need to be a part of your property search. There are properties available for purchase that most buyers simply don’t know about, and Profound aims to ensure they are on your radar, and in your calendar to inspect. Best of all, it’s free”. 

Leading local agent Joshua Allen, Director of JT Allen Real Estate, supported this view. “We constantly have off-market and discreet opportunities that we would love to invite buyers to inspect. Profound provides a real advantage to buyers who are ready and willing to purchase, or if you’re just doing market research”.

Profound provides buyers with the most important facts about the property, including a floorplan, a list of key features and a radius location. Profound can be downloaded from

Avoid the stress of open inspections, the emotional turmoil of constantly missing out and make sure you are looking at off-market listings right alongside the on-market opportunities.