Now that we’re a few months into 2023, it’s a good time to take stock of the personal changes you’ve made to herald in the new year, and how else you’d like to evolve in the coming months. After all, January 1st isn’t the only time in the year where you should feel encouraged to try new things or build new habits. Every new day brings the opportunity to transform yourself, so why not start today by freshening up your personal wardrobe?

To help you out, we’ve compiled a few quick tips that can streamline the process of assessing and adding to your wardrobe in a manner that maintains a good balance between your beloved existing elements, and the trendy, new pieces that you’re hoping to invest in. Read on to help kickstart your wardrobe overhaul.

Sift through the latest trends.

Naturally, the first thing you’ll want to do is engage with all the latest trends and figure out which ones call out to you the most. Shopping on ASOS is a good way to get the ball rolling here, and especially so if you go through Qantas Shopping, just so you can earn Qantas Points along the way. 

The reason why ASOS is the perfect place to begin your search for new trends, however, is because this eclectic marketplace is occupied by global brands that are often the first to respond to high fashion innovations and deliver them to a broader audience of cost-savvy consumers. Brands like COLLUSION, Pull & Bear and Monki are always sure to offer a wide range of garments that are modelled off what you see on runways during Paris Fashion Week.

Some examples of trends that may have already caught your eye include bold patterns like coloured checks, houndstooth, and abstract curves or lo-fi style wavy lines. Big faux fur outerwear is also back in vogue, as are platform boots and other kinds of utilitarian footwear that still make a powerful statement. 

Toss out pieces that no longer speak to you.

Once you’ve found the trends that you’d like to incorporate into your own look, the next step is to make space in your wardrobe for these new additions. A good place to start is by digging through pieces that may have been found during trends of the past, and deciding whether or not these still appeal to you or work with your own evolving sense of style. 

A good example here is the Y2K revival that we’ve seen occurring over the past few years. The early 2000s was a complicated era for the global fashion industry, with trends like low-rise jeans and pleated skirts paired with baby crop tees, not to mention short or long bob haircuts that are absolutely covered in multi-coloured butterfly clips. With these trends and more coming back with an ultra nostalgic force over the 2020s thus far, it’s highly likely that you’ve accrued a few homages to this era in your own wardrobe. And if you’re rethinking any of these purchases, then that’s absolutely okay! I mean, the 90s revival fashion has been a lot more aesthetically pleasing for the most part anyway. Give me baggy jeans over low-rise flares any day of the week.

If you’re feeling guilty about tossing out pieces of clothing or accessories that you may have purchased recently, then why not consider donating your clothes to local op shops and other organisations rather than sending them to landfill? Chances are they’re still in perfect condition to be worn secondhand, and there may be some potential buyers who’ll cherish those pieces for years to come!

Assess (and refresh) your wardrobe essentials.

It’s a good rule of thumb to try and create outfits in your head when purchasing any new clothing. In doing so, you can make sure that each and every item you purchase will be of value to you rather than just taking up much-needed closet space. And if you don’t have any other articles of clothing that work with any of your slated new additions, then this could easily signify a gap in your wardrobe essentials

Wardrobe essentials are basically articles of clothing that can be styled with minimal fuss, think plain white tees, a little black dress, a good pair of blue or black denim jeans, and black or neutral-toned pumps, just to name a few. Consider all the wardrobe essentials that you have at your disposal and identify whether or not there are any gaps that can be filled during your wardrobe overhaul. 

Alongside boasting items that can be styled almost universally, a well-rounded wardrobe also houses essentials that can be worn in virtually every season. This means that you should ideally own a pair of thinner or airier denim jeans to wear in summer weather, as well as a thicker pair for cooler winter weather. Similarly, your little black dress should also be able to be worn regardless of the season. If the material is a bit thin to bear a winter chill, then you could either pair the dress with a trendy, statement jacket, or perhaps even just opt to purchase another little black dress that’s more suitable for cooler weather. 

Keep an eye out for accessories.

Of course we haven’t forgotten about accessories. Your wardrobe essentials will also include an array of evergreen accessories, like neutral-toned handbags, shoes, and hats that can be easily styled in a number of ways. But not all your accessories have to be functional or even meld into the background of your outfit. If you want to splurge on some trendy statement accessories, then feel free to indulge! 

There are plenty of statement accessory trends on the global fashion scene today, including statement earrings and other jewellery, fuzzy bags, platform heels, and the infamous baguette bag, another piece that’s been resurrected as a part of the Y2K revival. If any of these accessories speak to you, then we highly recommend that you have a little fun and add them to your personal wardrobe. After all, it’s always the little things that tend to have the strongest impact, and the same rings true with regards to self-expression through fashion.

By following all of the tips we’ve outlined above, you’ll likely be on your way to curating the wardrobe of your dreams. Be sure to assess your style armada periodically throughout the rest of this year to ensure that you step out of the house as your most authentic self for every single day in 2023.