Former school teacher and local mum Sara Wunderwald explains how tutoring provides valuable assistance and guidance to students of all levels.

“It is a method of delivering systematic, structured learning experiences tailored to a student’s individual needs.

There are numerous benefits to engaging tutoring services and many reasons why parents choose it for their child,”said Sara owner of Successful Learners Tutoring in Kensington.

Here are some of the main advantages of what tutoring can offer.

1. Individualised learning programs. Regardless of where they are on their learning journey, a tutor can customise learning experiences to ensure your child is developing at their maximum potential and achieving their personal best. Classroom teachers are amazing but it is challenging to give individual help and attention in a class of up to 30 students. Private or small group tutoring can cater for individual learning needs and different learning styles.

2. Learn at your child’s own pace. The feeling of being left behind and not keeping up in the classroom can negatively impact on a child’s success. This can evoke feelings of frustration, anger, anxiety, sadness and low self-esteem. Some children simply need extra time to master new concepts. A tutor can provide more time for revision and practice so that skills are consolidated at a more comfortable pace.

3. Gain consistent and direct personalised feedback. When your child is receiving individual attention from the tutor or sharing the teacher’s attention within a small group, tutoring guarantees direct, detailed and immediate feedback on their performance. This is crucial for the child’s academic advancement along their personal learning pathway.

4. Provide accelerated programs for gifted and high achieving students. Gifted and talented students require constant stimulation and challenges to fulfil their growing minds. A tutor can offer an extension program to ensure they remain highly engaged and continue to be active learners. If your child is preparing for the Opportunity Class or Selective High Placement Test, a specialised program will enable them to reach their greatest potential.

5. Improve school grades. A common reason why parents enrol their child in tutoring is to help improve on their child’s academic performance. Whether they are struggling and need remedial help or are coping well but require a revision/consolidation program to keep on top of things, a tutor can help improve their grades. It is the tutor’s role to help children reach their full potential by motivating and educating them with the skills they need in order to be accelerated and successful at school.

6. Develop a positive attitude towards school and learning. For some children, school can be a challenge and their attitude and work habits towards learning can be low. A tutor can help by creating learning experiences that are fun, engaging and meaningful to the child. When learning makes sense and the experience is positive, confidence and attitude towards learning improve.

7. Foster a growth mindset and independence. A good tutor will not only assist in children’s academic development but also instil a growth mindset. Over time, children will see that personal dedication and hard work shapes their own skills, talents and abilities. Your child will take greater responsibility for his/her work and become more independent. This guidance builds organisational and critical thinking skills, a core requirement for independent learners. This helps set children up for life-long success both in the classroom and beyond.

With the support of qualified and experienced tutors, children can reap the benefits tutoring can provide. It’s no wonder children who are tutored achieve improved grades, and progress to developing study and learning skills both inside and outside the classroom.

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