You’ve carried your baby for 9 months and now they are here and suddenly you look down at this little squish and think to yourself – what the hell do I do now?

Oh how the days are long, so so so long. I’ve been there, the monotony of everyday, the sleep deprivation that hits you like a ton of bricks. The intrusive thoughts, the anxiety, the thoughts of I can’t possibly do this. But you are doing it. And you’re doing incredible. 

I know this time is overwhelming and exhausting, but I promise you, you’ll regret not getting images taken of your teeny tiny little love. When they are screaming the house down because you gave them the blue cup instead of the green, you can look back on those images and remember that time when they didn’t yell at you oh so fondly. I get it’s overwhelming thinking of getting your photo taken after having a baby, but I am your safe space. We do the session inside your home, with zero expectations and all the time in the world. There is zero pressure, and we are entirely led by you and your baby. I bring everything you need – from clothes for you and your little one, to that coffee you so desperately need. I’ve got you. I’ve been there. Debrief your birth, your post-partum, have a cry and hand your bub over so I can capture some baby feet while you put yours up.

I’m sure the thought of opening your home to a stranger is super overwhelming and I completely understand. I felt the same way when we had photos done when my son was 2 weeks old. I felt awful that day. I was so anxious and overwhelmed and just sad (baby blues well and truly were sticking around). The last thing I wanted to do was take photos (and this is coming from a photographer!). But I felt so supported and loved, and looking back on those images brings back so much love and wonder it blows my mind (babies can only be enjoyed in hindsight, you see). 

But enough about me – here are the reasons why I think in-home Newborn sessions are extremely beneficial to you and your family.


  1. You are in your safe space. The comfort of your home where you have everything you need at your fingertips. Poo explosion? Jump in the shower. Vomit down your top? Just get changed! My sessions are super relaxed and guided by you and your baby – if they need to sleep, they sleep, if they need to feed, they feed. I don’t try and force any pose, my images are literally of you and your little love doing what you do every day – staring at each other and getting to know each other. Don’t worry about the state of your house – mine was a bomb when my photographers came over. We know what angles to use and what light to position you near and I shoot quite close so it’s literally just you and your family. I promise you your house won’t be as bad as mine (we currently are going through a slime phase).
  2. I bring everything to you, so you don’t have to worry. I have a large collection of newborn/baby clothes, wraps and blankets, and a few selected pieces for mama if you want a nice dress that is flowy and comfortable. But I am also here to capture your real life, so if you are more comfortable wearing shorts and a tee (you’re my kind of gal), you should wear that. I’ll bring coffee + treats, and it’ll just be like catching up with a friend.  A friend who knows how to use a camera extremely well.
  3. If you have other kids, in-home newborn sessions are a better option. They have access to all their toys (and devices) for when we have some quieter moments capturing your baby, and they are in their safe space too, so they are generally more relaxed and always super keen to help and show off their baby and toys. Plus, there are snacks. 
  4. There is zero pressure for timing. Ready when you get hone from hospital? Amazing! Ready when your baby is 7 weeks! Excellent! Whatever age, in home sessions are the most relaxed and chill option for everyone.
  5. Remember looking through old photos at your parents’ house of when you were little? Seeing the dated carpet, the old kitchen you grew up in, the house that was your home for such a large part of your childhood? This is what I want to capture – your season, however it looks like. Your house isn’t an Instagram post. It’s your home, the place you raise your babies, spend long days and even longer nights. It’s the place that when you look back on these images in 30 years you’ll remember so fondly, because home is a feeling, isn’t it?

I tend to waffle on about how much I love capturing in home sessions. It really is a space I am so privileged to be invited into, to capture some memories that remain for your entire life. It makes me a bit emotional really, because the images that mean the most to me now I am thirty-four, is the ones in my childhood home. Images to me are about evoking feeling, core memories flooding back. Gosh I love this job.

I capture babies and kidlets of all ages, so never think it’s too late. I’m ready when you are.

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