This time of year is the most wonderful time to watch the migration of whales from Antartica to North Queensland.

In Sydney, winter is your best bet to catch a glimpse of some humpback whales, as 20,000 of them make moves along the New South Wales coastline between
May to August.

Most of all it’s a lovely family activity to do and can really capture the kids imagination whilst also enjoying the beautiful locations in the Eastern Suburbs.

Here are our recommendations for the best 3 locations in the east to enjoy plus our tips on how to do with kids safely and enjoyably.

1. Malabar Headland National Park.

This great coastal walking track is a fabulous vantage point to see the whales coming up along the coast.

You can enter either via South Marboura carpark to the Boora Walking Track and walk along the path or park down at Malabar then walked up to the southern end of the walking track and cliff area.

Both entrances are not pram friendly and you are best to have little ones in a baby carrier. There are exposed cliffs off the walking track but with two adults its easy to manage and our recommendation is the southern end is probably better as more space.

Ensure you take some binoculars and good walking shoes as areas are rocky off the paths and keep an eye on kids near the cliff edges.

There are only toilet facilities at Malabar Beach and South Maroubra Surf Club.

NB you will need to check if entering from the northern end of the Boora Walking track as some weekends its closed due to the shooting range.

Check dates here

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2. South Coogee 

Just opposite the dog park (Trenerry Reserve) in South Coogee there are great vantage points in this location with good grass area looking out towards Wedding Cake island.  Note there is a dog park behind so if you little ones are dog shy might be avoided or take your own and give them a round around whilst you search for whales.

Street parking is available and you could take a pram to this location as there are decent paths along this coastal walk area but also cliffs and rocky edges to you will need to keep an eye on the kids.

3. Clarke Reserve Vaucluse

Picturesque park that includes a playground is a great viewing spot for families to whale watch. Set high above the cliffs but with a good fence between you and the park this makes it a secure and relatively safe location.  Parking is best on Old South Head Rd near Christison Park or The Grumpy Baker.

Again we recommend taking some binoculars depending on how far out the whales are.