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The Best Ways to Keep Toddlers Safe from Germs

You don’t want your little ones to get sick, and whenever they do, you probably wish you were able to protect them better. When you see your child feeling miserable and suffering from a cold or flu, do you think, “If only I could just put them in a bubble to keep them safe from all the germs”? You can’t, of course. Your child needs to be able to experience the world- to touch it and interact with it. They can’t do that if they are kept away from everything. However, there are some things that you can do to…

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Kids and iPads: The Pros and Cons

“My toddler has discovered my iPad, and now she loves playing with it. Should I feel guilty about letting her use it? Or are there benefits of iPads for toddlers?” Of course your toddler is drawn to a shiny, colorful screen that responds to her touch by lighting up, moving and making noise (read: coolest toy ever). And no doubt you’ve figured out that your iPad can magically captivate and occupy your tot during waits at the doctor’s office and long car rides. Good for you for giving her fascination real thought, but you can lose the guilt on this…

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How to Stop Toddlers from Hitting

Like many behaviors, tantrums, whining, or throwing things, toddler hitting is something many parents worry about. It’s common to see a toddler turn around and thump their sibling, friend, or parent when things don’t go their way. And it can be troubling when either your child is the one being hit or the one doing the hitting. You might worry you’re doing something wrong, but how do you stop a toddler from hitting? And did you know toddler hitting and other aggressive behaviors are a normal part of a child’s development? Reasons Behind Toddler Hitting Toddler hitting occurs for several…

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