La perouse Museum

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Open Day at La Perouse Museum

You’re invited on Saturday 13 April to explore everything the La Perouse Museum has on offer! We’re throwing open the doors on three new exhibitions – come inside for a look, a listen, and a free cup of coffee. Take a tour through our new exhibition Randwick Stories, dive into the Bayview Gallery and see Sydney’s iconic landmarks from a whole new angle, and learn more about the incredible boomerang masters of the Lapa Loop. Drop into a shellwork workshop with renowned Aboriginal Elder, educator, and shellworker Aunty Maxine Ryan before being enthralled by a live poetry reading by Wiradjuri…

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Marine Dream in Botany Bay – Sue Liu at the Bayview

The Bayview Gallery at La Perouse Museum is delighted to host artist Sue Liu and her intricate marine images drawn from scuba dives in Kamay Botany Bay. Sue Liu – known as Wildcard-Sue – was invited to show in The Bayview as her stunning marine images bring the fragile and spectacular underwater ecosystem of Kamay Botany Bay into the Museum itself. Inspired by her passion for the sea and scuba diving in Sydney, Wildcard-Sue’s exhibition Marine Dream in Botany Bay is sure to submerge you into an unforgettable dream on the shore of the Bay. This show features 50+ original artworks…

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