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Can Soaking Your Feet in Hot Water Help Ease a Migraine Attack?

It sounds too good to be true: Can simply sticking your feet in a tub of hot water stop a migraine attack? Some people swear by it. In one video on TikTok—which has more than 21 million views and 15,000 comments—a person standing in a steaming bucket says it eased symptoms in less than five minutes. Of course, social media is not the most reliable source of medical information. And migraineisn’t just a bad headache: It’s a complex neurological problem that can cause crushing, debilitating head pain and other symptoms. But despite the many treatments and self-care approaches out there,…

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Baby Spa Australia – Surry Hills

Baby Spa Australia is an exceptionally unique experience, offering hydrotherapy and infant massage for babies aged from two days to eight months. While hydrotherapy for infants has been around globally for over fifteen years, it is a new concept in Australia – one that we are passionate about sharing!   Hydrotherapy for infants began as a way to bridge the gap between the womb and a baby’s first swimming lesson, we have since found many incredible benefits. These include: Strengthened bones and muscles Promotion of sleep Relief from colic, wind and reflux Strengthened tummy time, rolling and crawling Helps aid digestion…

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