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Why do Some Children Struggle with Maths while Others Excel? Exploring the Key Factors

How well your child completes maths calculations determines their maths proficiency. Maths is often perceived as a challenging subject for children. So, what’s the key to ensuring they excel in maths without difficulty? Tash from Eye Level Randwick answers some FAQs.  Why is it important to be good at basic maths calculations? The foundation of advanced maths is the four basic operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. High school maths like Algebra, Equations, and Calculus are the four basic operations applied to a series of Maths rules and concepts. Maths is about following rules, so being good at calculations is…

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What age can a child start tutoring?

Across Australia, an increasing number of children are experiencing learning issues as a result of post-COVID school closures and a rise in the occurrence of learning difficulties. According to Michael Black, founder and CEO of Success Tutoring, the number of parents seeking tutoring support for their children is on the rise. “The biggest question we get is, how old should my child be before we start providing tutoring assistance.   The answer is, there is no set age, the decision to provide a child with tutoring support should be based on the needs of the child, regardless of their age.”…

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Tutoring Children to Navigate Test Anxiety and Empowering Their Academic Journey.

Test anxiety can be a significant obstacle for children on their academic journey. As a parent or caregiver, you have the power to help your child overcome this challenge and succeed in their exams. Here are some essential strategies to help your child manage test anxiety effectively: 1. Identify the root cause:  Understanding what triggers your child’s anxiety is essential. By recognising the underlying causes, you can provide tailored support to address those concerns directly. 2. Embrace preparation:  Encourage your child to begin preparing well before the exam. A last-minute cram session can exacerbate anxiety. Instead, suggest crafting a study…

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