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Relationship hacks: Why cooking together can keep the fire burning

Successful couples do things together, even when those things aren’t that great. Cooking is a classic example! According to Elizabeth Jane, relationship longevity requires hard work and a commitment to do things together, even when those things may not always work out. The key is to make the effort. Cooking is a classic example. Elizabeth Jane, respected wellbeing and mindfulness keynote speaker, relationships’ coach and mentor, celebrated artist and author of Amazon best-seller ‘Free and First – Unlocking Your Ultimate Life’, shares some tips to help people consider the benefits of doing things together such as cooking. Jane experienced a sudden…

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The Scoop on Micro Bakery Ovens – Your Kitchen’s New BFF

Alright, listen up, folks! There’s a hot new player in town, and it’s about to shake up your cooking game like never before. We’re talking about the new exceptional micro bakery ovens—the tiny titans that are here to revolutionise the way you whip up your favourite eats. Let’s break it down and see how these bad boys can take your kitchen adventures to the next level: 1. Nailing Precision with Flawless Cooking Control Let’s talk precision, folks. You know those old clunky ovens that can’t seem to make up their minds about where to send the heat? Well, say goodbye…

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