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Getting ready to go back to school: ten tips for parents

School holidays are almost finished and it’s time to get back into familiar routines as your child heads back to school. To help take some of the stress out of returning to school,  here is a Top Ten help list: 1. Find school equipment and check uniforms and shoes still fit – your child may have grown. Give yourself enough time to organise replacements or a uniform alternative if needed. 2. Encourage your child to check their school timetable if needed, pack their school bag, and get their lunch box, drink bottle and uniform ready. 3. Plan ahead for making…

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For Mums

Starting School Tips

Starting school or kindergarten is a rite of passage for both the parents and the child.   With only a week to go until the new school term starts, what to expect and how to be prepared can be a daunting experience for new school parents.   Eastern Suburbs Mums founder Natalie,  shares her tips for mums and kids embarking on the school journey as her eldest starts high school this year kindy seems a long time ago but has gone so very fast so I am feeling for all the new mums and new kindy kids this year. 2022 is going…

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