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Zode Kinesiology
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Zode Kinesiology is a trusted family service in Maroubra. I help women who find themselves juggling overwhelm, responsibility, family and work to achieve a fresh Rhythm of Life by guiding them to uncover their frustrations, simplify their stress and align them to their heart as they step out with confidence and freedom.

I also work with children and teens to support their learning, settle their nervous system and sharpen their focus so they can move through their school years with confidence and a strong sense of self.
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As a Holistic Kinesiologist and the founder of Zode Kinesiology, Zoe Jack is deeply passionate about
making it easier for adults and children to connect to the deeper potential within their body, mind
and spirit.

People normally reach out to Zoe because they’re experiencing physical, mental, or emotional stress,
overcoming trauma or injury or going through major life stages such as moving home, jobs or
navigating their child’s development.
One client described her as “a true Earth Mother,” while another declared her to be “an exceptional

Zoe’s approach to kinesiology is one of holding space, care and listening. She reads between the lines
and finds the cause of what is happening in a gentle and inclusive way. Zoe is currently studying
Guided Energy Medicine through the Shamanic Academy in USA. Once qualified, this modality will
expand Zoe’s offerings and provide quantum healing to her clients.

Reach out and say ‘hi’ to Zoe at Zode Kinesiology on Facebook or Instagram and stay in the loop
about her upcoming women circles, workshops, programs and session discounts.


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0414 566 456
16 McIver Pl, Maroubra NSW 2035

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