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Hello Charlie is a dedicated platform that helps families adopt sustainable and ethical living
practices. Since 2004, we have been addressing the challenge of finding eco-friendly products
for babies and toddlers. We carefully curate safe and reliable products, offer informative
resources such as Cheat Sheets, and value customer feedback. Our commitment to
sustainability also includes testing products in our homes and providing support. We invite you
to visit our online store and explore our delightful range of sustainable and ethical products.
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For nearly 20 years, Hello Charlie has been dedicated to helping families embrace sustainable
and ethical living.

Our journey began in 2004 when we realised how difficult it was to find eco-friendly products for
babies and toddlers. The products on store shelves didn't align with our values. There was a
chock full of questionable ingredients, wrapped in too much packaging, and sold by companies
we didn't want to support.

While the market is now flooded with sustainable options, navigating the eco-friendly jargon can
be overwhelming. Every product claims to be better for the environment, distinguishing genuine
sustainability from mere greenwashing.

At Hello Charlie, we prioritise stocking carefully researched products to ensure they are safe for
you and our planet. Our dedication to thoroughness and attention to detail has earned us praise
from customers who appreciate our inquisitive approach. We ask the right questions that other
stores may overlook, ensuring our products meet the highest standards.

We believe in sharing knowledge and publishing informative blog posts to address common
inquiries. Our Cheat Sheets are particularly useful, providing insight into product ingredients and
highlighting what's genuinely effective versus greenwashing. We strive to empower as many
people as possible to make informed purchasing decisions.

Our customers and their feedback is invaluable to us. We test the products we sell in our
homes, ensuring they meet our stringent standards for safety and quality. This ensures that you
and your family receive only the best and most reliable products.

If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with a product, we are here to help you find the right
solution. Our doors are always open to your suggestions and thoughts, and will always offer
assistance whenever needed.

We eagerly await the opportunity to welcome you to our online store, where we hope you'll have
a delightful experience with us.

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4/30 The Concord, Bundoora, Victoria, 3083
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