Hartford College, Dare to think. Dare to know.

Hartford College, Dare to think. Dare to know.
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A pioneering independent Catholic Liberal Arts school for boys in years 5 to 12 where parents and teachers come together to instil knowledge, faith, strength, and excellence in tomorrow’s young men.
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 Dare to think. Dare to know. 

Hartford College is Australia’s first Liberal Arts school for boys (years 5-12) based in Sydney’s South East.

Our highly regarded mentoring program, unique liberal arts curriculum and parent focussed philosophy sets Hartford apart.

Our school motto: ‘Dare to think; dare to know’, challenges the common sentiment of “group think” permeating our society, and encourages students to think outside the box, to ask difficult questions and to have courage in pursuing the truth.

We want Hartford students to be critical thinkers, to challenge themselves, to develop a thirst for knowledge, and to strive for more.

Mentoring Individuals

At Hartford College we believe that character is a key developmental focus on the journey from childhood to adulthood, and so we encourage the home and school to work closely together.

This is why we employ a personal mentoring program. Our mentors are typically teachers at Hartford, and will catch up with their students on a regular basis to reflect on the past, and set goals for the future. These discussions will have a dual focus: first, on academic performance, work ethic, and study attitudes, and second, on character development across all aspects of life.

At the heart of this model are three educators: the parent, the teacher, and the mentor, all working together to help their boy grow into a well-rounded, virtuous man.

Our Unique Liberal Arts Curriculum 

Hartford College is Australia’s first Catholic high school in the liberal arts tradition. It has an engaging and rich curriculum, designed to impart well-rounded knowledge across multiple disciplines and develop critical and independent thinking skills.

 The liberal arts tradition has foundations in classical Greek antiquity, with great writers and thinkers such as Plato, Socrates, Aristotle, Pythagoras, and Homer. This tradition was carried on and developed through the ages, with Cicero, Virgil, Ovid, Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, Chaucer, Milton, Tolstoy, Shakespeare, Newman, Tolkien, Lewis and more.

Students will leave Hartford College not only with a head full of knowledge, but a heart that will continue to love learning, no matter where they go in life.

Our Integrated Approach

Hartford’s approach to learning is focused on integration - exploring how different subjects relate and intertwine with others.

We teach lessons that help students make connections across curricula, demonstrating that learning is never isolated, but symbiotic.

This integrated approach is experienced throughout the entire curriculum - from the ancients to modernity. What is studied in one subject is always complemented by another.

Sport for Life 

Hartford’s Sport for Life aims to untap a passion for sport in each student. Our philosophy is to develop motivation, confidence, and a love for fitness that will last the student’s lifetime.

For some, this will be team sports on the weekend; for others, it’ll be individual sports that require dedication, discipline, and commitment.

We are confident that our unique approach to a holistic education will be key in producing the great-hearted young men our society needs.

To dare is the path to greatness.

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(02) 9184 8840.
Hartford College, 33 Banks Avenue, Daceyville, NSW, 2032
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  • Hartford College, Dare to think. Dare to know.
  • Hartford College, Dare to think. Dare to know.
  • Hartford College, Dare to think. Dare to know.
  • Hartford College, Dare to think. Dare to know.
  • Hartford College, Dare to think. Dare to know.

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