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Bronte Kids Preschool
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We are a beautiful and family focused 40 place preschool based in Bronte. Bronte Kids Preschool is a family owned business which aims to provide the very best in early childhood development and care for children aged 2-5 years old by providing a home away from home for your child.
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Bronte Kids is a family owned preschool for children aged 2-5 years old and we pride ourselves on providing a family atmosphere. Our staff are devoted child care professionals that believe in family and the love and education of children. Our mission is to provide a preschool where children are happy and feel a sense of belonging, where parents can also feel at ease leaving their children in our care and can comfortably communicate their expectations, fears, and hopes and be heard.

Our Philosophy

When you walk through our centre we want you to become immersed in a home away from home. Our centre enhances the mantra of Being, Belonging and Becoming for all that reside, and these are places where growth and learning walk hand in hand towards success.

We understand that co-collaboration is the cornerstone of all our relationships. We are confident that we will offer you a rich, emergent and holistic experience, one in which memories are made daily.

Our Approach to Learning

Constructive, Connective and Responsive

The Children and Educators of Bronte Kids Preschool are not defined by one approach or theory. We see great opportunity in accessing a variety of learning and teaching styles. This variety supports the varying learning styles of the children we welcome into our service each day.

Each room within our centre creates a unique, tailored approach to reflect the ever-changing social and developmental dynamic within our rooms.

Please join us on our journey of growth, sustainability, education and excellence.

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(02) 8123 2391
41a Murray Street, Bronte, NSW, Australia, New South Wales
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