Brainwave, the Study Specialists

Brainwave, the Study Specialists
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Study Coaching, Exam Preparation, High School Preparation, Individualised Diverse Learning Support
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Brainwave is a study skills and education provider based in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.

Brainwave was founded by Karen Quinn (B.Ed, H.Dip, M.Ed). Karen is a qualified primary school teacher, diverse learning teacher and teacher educator with ten years experience in the education sector. She completed all of her higher education training in Ireland before moving to Australia in 2018. Since moving to Australia, she has taught in a number of Sydney Catholic Schools and has held leadership roles in schools.

The original ‘brainwave’ for Brainwave came from when Karen was in university completing her original education degree. She had a reputation as someone in her hometown who was excellent at studying and balancing life and academic work. At 19, calls started coming from local parents wanting Karen to sit and study with their children- not teach, not look at content- just study. A method was established through trial and error of the different learning techniques that were available at the time to ensure that this ‘study time’ was used in an optimal way.

Karen refined these methods through her teaching career. As a teacher, it frustrated her that there was little allocation of time in the school day for allowing students to explore their own personal learning style and attention span. She believes that the most essential aspect of a young person’s education is empowering them to learn independently and efficiently. No two children are the same when it comes to the optimal way for them to learn. The only way for young people to succeed independently is for them to dedicate time in their academic life to understanding themselves as learners.

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