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UNSW Global – Kensington has many international students arriving in November 2019 and are urgently looking for new homestay families in the Eastern suburbs area. Students are predominantly Chinese, and around 17 years of age.

Australian Homestay Network (AHN) is Australia’s largest and most recognised international student homestay provider. We match AHN-certified hosts with visiting international students to provide the highest quality homestay experience while they study in Australia. Since 2008, We’ve placed over 52,000 students from 179 countries in homestay accommodation.


There are many benefits to hosting a student in your home these include:

Create lifetime relationships

Students are excited about learning Australian English and culture, and your warm welcome improves their chances for academic success and cultural acceptance while far from home.Many students stay in touch with their host families long after they have finished their study. We’ve even had host parents visit students they have hosted in their home country. The benefits of hosting continue long after the student has left.

Learn New Cultures

One of the great experiences offered through hosting an international student is learning about another culture as you get to share your own.Students will share their traditions, meals, and beliefs with you, and it is expected that you will include them in yours. Whether you share culture through food, or discussing cultural differences during the weekends, you’ll learn something new everyday.

Earn Extra Money

Our host payments will assist you in covering the expenses of hosting a student, such a providing meals, and utilities such as power and water. Feel free to contact AHN to see what host rates apply to Sydney Eastern Suburbs. Hosting an international student can be a rewarding and enriching experience for both the host families and students. We want to ensure that both sides have the most fulfilling time together as possible, whether for a few weeks or a full academic year.

The Process:

Hosting with AHN is easy, just complete these simple steps:

  1. Complete the application form
  2. Fill out your AHN profile (we use your profile to match students to your home / family)
  3. Background checks and interviews are conducted
  4. You’re ready to host!

We are confident you will enjoy the cultural experience of hosting an international student in your home

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