Mondays Local Mum Pamela Cominos

Where and how long have you lived in Sydney’s east:

I have lived in the eastern suburbs since 1989. At first, I lived in Maroubra. We then moved to Coogee and later Dover Heights. I now live in Bronte and love it! I have found my forever home.

How many children:

I have 3 beautiful children. Amanda 26, Alexia 24 and Peter who is 20.

Favourite Park:

My kids and I have always loved Centennial Park and Waverley Park. We spent many weekends afternoons walking and running, taking our dog out or watching Peter play Rugby!

Favourite Beach:

I love the beach but strangely I don’t like swimming in the water unless it’s super- hot. My favourite beach is Bronte of course! I love the choice of the grass area or sand and the great coffee shops.

Favourite kid friendly cafe:

When my children were younger we would enjoy a relaxed meal and great coffee at Bellagio on Albion Street, Waverley.

Favourite Coffee Spot:

Our favourite coffee spot is Ruby’s Diner. It’s got great healthy breakfasts and best cappuccino!

Favourite date night place:

You can’t go past the Bronte Bistro for the best steaks in the East!

Favourite Local Day Out Activity:

My favourite local day out would have to be shopping at Paddington and then catching a Foreign Film at the Verona Cinema.

Favourite Local Shop:

My favourite local shop is the Butcher at Waverley and Volange for great French clothing!

Favourite wet weather location:

When the weather is wet or cold, we just love to hang out at home. We all love to read, watching re-runs of Law and Order and I enjoy cooking!

Describe an ideal day in Sydney’s eastern suburbs for you?

An ideal for me would have to a hot summer day where I spend the early part of the day the Beach and then take my family for lunch at the local cafes.

What area of the east have you yet to explore much but would like to?

I have lived in the East for a long time – I pretty much know all of it- but I guess Vaucluse may be an area I could re-visit.

Work or SAHM:

Work! I love my work! I am very passionate about families and children. As a divorce lawyer, I do everything I can to protect children from conflict and try very hard to help people going through divorce or separation to resolve their conflict.

Motherly advice :

Love your children unconditionally and be the best version of yourself. Children need positive role models.


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