Maroubra Music School Music Lessons

Maroubra Music School Music Lessons
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Specialist music lessons for cognitive and social development in children.
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At Maroubra Music School, we offer a diverse and exciting musical education experience for all ages, specialising in early music education to nurture young learners' social, emotional, and cognitive skills. With a strong presence in the local community and many local schools and bands, Maroubra Music School has become a local institution for more than a decade.

 Our multi-instrumental curriculum includes keyboard, electric drums, vocal training, and string instruments, providing a holistic approach that covers key musical elements and maximises cognitive benefits. The system blends traditional and modern music techniques, encompassing Classical, Jazz, Pop, and Contemporary music. Students also explore songwriting, recording, film-scoring, and animation to enhance their creativity.

 Our teaching approach focuses on the principles of language acquisition, treating music as a language, and developing perfect pitch through engaging activities suitable for young children. We prioritise improvisation to empower self-expression and create a fear-free learning environment.

 Recognised for our expertise in musical linguistics, motor skills, and cognitive aspects, our courses are designed to help children develop their cognitive abilities, creativity, and confidence. We also provide support for children with various conditions, including ASD, ADHD, anxiety, apraxia of speech, selective mutism, and physical disabilities.

 Join Maroubra Music School to experience the transformative power of music education.

 Special offer for readers:

Earlybird Special $200 for 20 lessons (10 weeklies and 10 casuals) and free 1 year media.

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0411 662 754
325 Malabar Road Maroubra
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  • Maroubra Music School Music Lessons
  • Maroubra Music School Music Lessons
  • Maroubra Music School Music Lessons

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