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Kids Book
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Easily book activities that your kids will love
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We are busy parents trying to make our lives easier

Kidsbook was born out of a necessity for our kids to be fulfilled during the holidays.

Our Story

The Kidsbook story is all about solving a real world frustration.
After becoming a stay-at-home dad I really struggled with one thing. I couldn’t nail the school holiday activities, even though I gave it a good go.There were half a dozen group chats, messages and emails with friends (mums and dads), trying – and largely failing, to coordinate activities for their kids across multiple providers on different dates and locations. To further complicate things my kids wanted their mates to go to the same activities as them!I imagined something simple and less fragmented – a single portal that lists all kid’s activities  in one place, where you can easily browse, book and pay for an activity – without the the hassle of going through several providers. We also wanted to harness the power of parents when it came to sharing activities with their network of friends – so we made sure the ‘share’ feature is integrated into the platform.It is early days, but that is what the Kidsbook team are trying to achieve.

David Vitek
Founder & Dad
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