Good and Fugly: Fresh Produce Delivery Service

Good and Fugly: Fresh Produce Delivery Service
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We rescue wonky fruit and veg and deliver them to your door. Help fight food waste with every box. Eat Fugly. Do Good.
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The world is full of rejects. Good & Fugly rescues them and gives each one a home... your home!

 In Australia, up to 25% of fruit and veg never leaves the farm. The major supermarkets' cosmetic standards are so high that perfectly tasty fresh produce gets rejected for being slightly different in colour, shape, or size, and is sent to landfill.

 Good & Fugly changes all that by bringing our perfectly imperfect Fugly fruit and veg directly to your door. Our boxes arrive 100% plastic-free via carbon-neutral shipping, so you can be confident that every time you eat Fugly, you're doing good. Join us on our mission to make saving the planet affordable, convenient, and delicious!

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Sydney, NSW.
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