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Welcome to EDUPLAY Life and children are messy !!!
As a new parent, we put pressure on ourselves to make sure everything is perfect….  
At Eduplay we dont want polished, perfect ‘experiences’ that are instagram worthy.  
We want reality, we want MESS!
  Eduplay is a place for kids to be kids with no judgement 

Welcome to Eduplay

Where the world of Play awaits!

You are now part of a growing community of families learning, creating, collaborating, and connecting across the globe via Play.
Whether you’ve joined to create, just have a look around or are here to connect with families, we’ve got you covered

Why messy play?

There are many benefits to messy play, especially for babies toddlers and young children. Messy play is a tactile experience that stimulates children’s senses and assists in the development of hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Children learn about the behaviour of solid and liquid objects by playing with different materials and begin to develop a sense of prediction and problem solving.

Children of all different development levels and those with special needs can play alongside each other and interact on the same level, being active learners while messy play makes it fun

Curriculum of Excellence

Just because its Messy doesnt mean its not structured !!!

Our classes are programmed every week with music, books, and messy play!

The programming of activities is a vital part of providing the children with a well-rounded class that utilises the environment to enhance the children’s development, providing the opportunity to extend language and communication skills.

Our specialised BUILD Framework is the backbone to all of the planned activities that are available to your child, creating a purposeful curriculum while engaging in fun.

Why choose Eduplay?

All  of our activities during our sessions are planned in line with children’s developmental milestones and learning in mind. Our experienced group coordinators ensure our activities inspire children’s learning and development. Our sessions provide a fun, laid back atmosphere to allow children to learn and develop in a social way. They can explore the materials through their own investigations allowing you to spend time with your child and meet other families.


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