Coogee Boys’ Preparatory School

Coogee Boys’ Preparatory School
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We are a small affordable private, Primary boys school located in Randwick, catering for boys in Kindergarten to Year 6. Gentleman Scholar Sportsman is our school motto and what we aim to instil in all of our students along with a love of learning and can do attitude.
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The motto ‘Gentleman, Scholar, Sportsman’, upon which Coogee Boys’ Preparatory School is built, represents the school’s goal of preparing boys to become independent, resourceful, caring individuals and contributing members of society.

For over 100 years, Coogee Boys’ Preparatory School has taken great pride in knowing that it offers a truly authentic and inclusive primary education for all students from Kindergarten to Year 6. We provide an inclusive all-round boys’ education under our motto of Gentleman Scholar Sportsman, and are recognised as a leading fully independent boys primary school, in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.

As a boutique boys primary school, we aim to foster a sense of community where all boys know, and are, able to interact with each other across all grades – from Kindergarten to Year Six. This approach creates a culture of inclusivity, enhanced self-esteem and diversity. The School endeavours to teach boys respect and responsibility for themselves, for others, for the School environment and for the wider community.

Coogee Boys' Preparatory School (Coogee Prep) opened its doors in July 1914. On that day, 27 boys began their education in rooms adjacent to the Randwick Presbyterian Church on Alison Road. After 95 years, Coogee Prep remains the only privately owned boys’ preparatory school in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs.

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02 9398 6310
Cnr Alison Road and Cook Street (PO Box 190), Randwick NSW 2031
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  • Coogee Boys’ Preparatory School
  • Coogee Boys’ Preparatory School
  • Coogee Boys’ Preparatory School
  • Coogee Boys’ Preparatory School

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