Aline McCarthy, functional nutrition

Aline McCarthy, functional nutrition
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I help mums break free from IBS, bloating and frustrating digestive symptoms with functional lab testing and tailored nutrition so they can feel and look their best.
I specialise in IBS, gut health, perimenopause hormones and cellular health.
You can book online consults with me, wherever you are and testing is conveniently delivered to your home.
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Overcome your digestive symptoms for good by getting to the root cause.
After getting an auto immune diagnosis at age 32, thinking she would end up in wheelchair by age 40 and not finding much help in conventional medicine, Aline found functional medicine and is now pain-free and thriving in her 40s.

Functional diagnostic nutrition is a science-based, holistic approach which bridges the gap between clinical nutrition, naturopathy and functional medicine.

Aline’s aim is to identify and correct underlying causes with functional lab testing, blood chemistry analysis and then naturally eliminate symptoms and help your body return back to vibrant health and balance.

☝️ You struggle with frustrating digestive issues like IBS, bloating, constipation or lose 💩 despite eating healthy….

🛑 You try eliminating gluten, dairy or other elimination diets but get limited results and start to get more and more confused about what to eat and the advice online is conflicting and confusing

🛑 you are sick and tired of looking like you are 5 months pregnant and hate wearing anything with a tight fit

🛑 you are blocked up, and don’t poop as often as you would like

🛑 you waste time and money on random supplements that don’t make a difference

🛑 you struggle with hormones in perimenopause and want to learn a better way for your long term health in midlife

🛑 you just can’t figure out all your symptoms on your own anymore and doctors are no help

❤️ you are not alone! Many women struggle with exactly the same issues and achieving their goals by themselves

✅ all you need is a plan, expert guidance, education and support so you can make the changes that lead to your health success

👉 I teach you about your body, translate complex symptoms, medical information and health data into simple ways to shift and heal so you can change your health…FOR LIFE.

✔️ here is how I can help:
🧪  access to functional lab testing and expert analysis
💊 tailored nutrition, lifestyle and supplement protocol so you can stop wasting any more time and money 💰 on things that don’t work
❤️ 1:1 calls and support so you always feel clear and motivated to succeed

📞 you can book a free zoom call to find out IF and HOW I can help you. I can work with you online in Australia, USA and UK.

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