I have arrived In Australia from France over 30 years ago and have always lived in the Eastern Suburbs, in Maroubra, Coogee and Randwick. I am a devoted mother to a 19-year-old daughter born, raised, and educated in the Eastern suburbs. After graduating with a Master in Marketing, I shifted my professional expertise from the business to business industry to the higher education sector.

Part of my daily routine involves enjoying the beautiful coastal walk of the eastern suburb with my dog, as wellness is a priority, I also go to the gym regularly and shift my work outs between dance base cardio classes and strength training. 

Alongside my attention to my wellbeing and fitness, I also have a strong passion in health and rejuvenation.   I take a keen interest in my partner’s work, Mike, who is a distinguished doctor specialising in laser and body regeneration. He is on a mission to revolutionise the way we approach genitalia tissue rejuvenation, particularly focusing on the delicate concerns of women such as menopause, incontinence, and similar conditions that often go untreated. Their commitment to utilizing the latest technology ensures that treatments are not only effective but also carry minimal risk and complications, setting a new standard for holistic wellness in our communities.  

Beyond our professional endeavours, whilst I commit to my fitness program, Mike lends his voice to the majestic halls of the Opera House as a tenor singer, adding a touch of artistry to our collective journey. 

With our combined expertise and unwavering dedication, we invite you to join us on a path to renewed vitality and well-being. Welcome to a brighter, healthier future, right here in our local community. Mike’s medical specialisation in women’s intimate concerns can be found at geniale.com.au. Mike is always keen to provide women with confidential and non-invasive solutions at his clinic, Geniale.

Where and how long have you lived in Sydney’s east?

I have lived in the East since my arrival, over 30 years ago, I have lived in Maroubra, Coogee and Randwick

Three words that describe what it’s like to live in the eastern suburbs?

Beautiful, special and privileged

How many children?

1 daughter, 19 years old, born in Randwick

Favourite Park: 

Centennial Park. It offers everything you need with children, pets, for fitness, peacefulness, picnics, and nature

Favourite Beach?

Coogee Beach. I love walking there every day.

Favourite kid friendly cafe?

When my daughter was little I actually used to think that most places in the East were actually kid friendly, always happy to serve a babycino.

Favourite Coffee Spot?

The Spot in Randwick

Favourite date night place?

Dolce Fiori in Randwick. The owner always accommodates and always happy to see his customers and provides great service

Where in the east have you yet to explore and would like to go?

More walks around the Little Bay area.

What would you like to see improve in the eastern suburbs?

Traffic! during peak hours it is impossible to move in and out of randwick/coogee areas

Favourite Local Shop?

At the moment it is Grumpy Bakers in Maroubra. I love sitting outside and savouring a pie and coffee and enjoying the view.

Favourite wet weather location?

My place! it’s a perfect time to do home stuff that we avoid doing when the weather is nice and we are out and about.

Favourite Local family Weekend Activity?

Going to see a movie, an exhibition or simply regroup with all family members

Work or SAHM?

Work. I studied and worked as I raised my daughter. 

Motherly advice?

Take the time to observe and get to know your child and let them be who they are, not who you want them to be.